1. All students must come to school on time and in proper uniform.
2. Polite , courteous behavior and good conduct are expected of each and every student both in and outside the school.
3. Pupils are to proceed to the assembly, class wise in queries.
4. While moving from one class to another too, strict discipline must be maintained in order to avoid disturbance to other classes.
5. The school premises must be kept clean and tidy at all times. The seating arrangement should not be disturbed.
6. Damages or losses should be reported immediately to the class teacher or Principal. Any damage will be made good by the person responsible for causing the same.
7. Students must be punctual for all classes and other activities.
8. All pupils must go in their classes immediately after the first bell rings and take their respective seats assigned to them by the class teacher.
9. Lights and fans should be switched off when students leave the room.
10. Pupils must bring the prescribed text books and note books to the class. Any books other than these are liable to be confiscated.