-All fee will be received online through SBI.

-Upon admission to the school, students must deposit their tution fees for 3 months, from April to June along with other fees as applicable. Exemtions, if provided for under prevalent rules, may be granted to students transferred from other Army Public School.

- Fees are to be cleared before the 15th of each month.

- If fees are not paid on time fine will be charged on all late payments.

-School fees are to be paid quarterly.

-No student will be given his/her Progress

- Before the student sits for his/her final examination the fee for the months of January-March should be cleared.

As per AWES Red Book Article 282.

Late Fee. If fees are not paid by due date, late fee will be charged as under :

a) Up to 20th of the current month -100/-

b) Up to 1 month -200/-

c) Up to 2 months -400/-

d) Up to 3 months -750/-

Note: Non receipt of fee will be notified to the parent by email/post and a warning of ‘Striking off from Rolls’.

As per AWES Red Book Article 283.

If fees and fine are not paid for more than three consecutive months, the name of the student will be struck off the rolls.