Principal’s Desk


As a leader of the School, I have been associated with this School for the last years. The School started as an Army Pubic School in the Year 2011. The School has been focusing on nurturing the children to meet the challenges of the changing world and be prepared to meet the demands of the modern world and  cope well.
Our institution caters to the children of Army Personnel from diverse backgrounds and so ensures that each one of them gets equal opportunities to express themselves, excel , achieve and improving communication skills in English is a target. I have seen that children have shown commendable development and achieved holistic success.
Teachers of this school have worked hard in moulding and shaping the Children and the school is becoming better every day.
The school  curriculum has been planned in such a way that the students are getting ample opportunities to grow and prove themselves.
Excellence is our goal and nurturing the children to become great human beings is our mission.